Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Daupie's Taco Salad

Tonight I have a meeting potluck. I am making a double taco salad so I can leave some here for the hungry and take some for the ladies at my meeting. I have been making this taco salad since I was 17 years old. Pammy's mom taught me so even though I have tweaked it a bit I have named it in her honor. Pammy's firstborn called her Daupie and it stuck. Love you Daupie!

Daupie's Taco Salad
1 pound lean ground beef or turkey, browned
add chili powders, onion and garlic to your taste (you can cheat with taco seasoning packet but be aware that many combo packet seasonings have msg so I don't ever use them)

You may use fresh onion and garlic or whatever kind you have in your spice pantry both work.

Lettuce - any kind you have or is on sale ( I don't use iceburg but that is a personal preference)

1 or 2 cans of kidney beans, rinsed ( don't stress out if you don't have these but have another bean in your pantry, garbanzo and white beans also are good)

shredded cheese

some chopped green onion

chopped tomatoes

chopped or sliced jicama


Toss all of the above ingredients and anything else you wish (I have added corn and a touch of cilantro if I have it on hand)

I usually use an Italian dressing or Thousand Island to bring it together and then have sour cream on the side. It doesn't need a lot of dressing, just enough to clump it a little bit here and there. If I have a picky crowd I just leave it plain with an assortment of dressings on the side. Russian is also a good choice. I have also just picked something out that sounded good at the store, the El Torito green stuff is good too. In a real pinch you can use Daupie's sissy sauce - mayo and ketchup and sweet relish.

Just before serving crunch some tortilla chips into it.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Chicken & Rice

Lazy chicken and rice

I didn't have time to find a recipe today from a cookbook so I did what I usually do when I haven't planned ahead. I sent a daughter to store to pick up some chicken quarter legs. I then opened the cupboards and refridgerator and peered within.

We are having lazy chicken and rice. Rice cooked in the rice cooker. Chicken baked in the oven basted with some vidalia onion italian dressing. See it's lazy and simple. Add a veggie and we're good to go.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Welcome to My Kitchen

I have been thinking about doing a kitchen blog for a while now. I actually thought no...too many cooking blogs are out there. Yesterday I went to see Julie and Julia with my daughter Julie and I am going to just jump in with all the others. This blogging thing is really more about expressing myself and having a creative outlet than others reading it. So... what should I do? Where should I start? I own a LOT of cookbooks and I have used most of them. Hmmm

I think I will start using each cookbook at least once. That will be quite a variety. I will probably still collect cookbooks so I will share from my new ones while making sure I use all the old ones too.

I am looking forward to this cooking/baking experience. I hope my family will enjoy the journey too.