Saturday, September 5, 2009


We had quiche the other night. It came from an old church cookbook.
Here is my variation of the recipe.

bacon cooked to crisp
handfuls of spinach
sliced mushrooms
shredded cheese

put above ingredients into 2 deep pie shells, set oven to 350

for each pie use a shaker or bullet type mixer
1 c. milk
3 eggs
2T flour
pour over filled pie shells

then you bake them for 45 minutes or until a knife put between the center and edge comes out clean

I have found that the meatier and cheesier you make these the more the men in the family like them. Jake doesn't care for the quiche egginess so load it up with the other stuff. You may have discovered that my cooking style is to use the cookbook as a guide not a rule.

Both quiches were gone in a flash - no leftovers. So I judged them as successful.

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