Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Easy Crescent Taco Bake

I love cookbooks! I collect cookbooks. I read my cookbooks just for fun.

Last night I had that daily decision of what to make for dinner. I need to feed my family. I looked in my freezer, fridge and cupboards. I wanted to make something new. As I mentally inventoried what I had on hand I was also recalling some recipes...

I had frozen pre-cooked hamburger and crescent rolls. I have the April 2008 Pillsbury magazine and remembered it was all about their crescents and biscuits. I pulled out the magazine and thumbed through. I decided to make the Taco Bake.

Just one problem...I didn't have all of the ingredients on hand! Does that happen to you? It happens here often. So...I adapted the recipe to fit what I did have on hand. I was NOT going to the store. I repeat NOT going to the store.

I had the crescent rolls so that was easy. It just has you press the crescent roll dough into a pie pan. I used a deep dish pan so my filling would be beefy.

I already had browned and seasoned ground beef in the freezer. The recipe only called for the ground beef. No onions or garlic in this recipe. Too bad! We like our onions and garlic so...plop goes the frozen beef into the deep skillet.

The recipe called for a specific brand and style of chunky salsa. I only had thinner, less chunky, different brand. Tough - in it went. I did have to simmer longer to steam off the extra juices.

I didn't have any taco seasoning mix. I don't usually buy the mix because it usually has MSG and I can't eat MSG. My meat was already seasoned with onion and garlic so I checked out my spices. I had several different kinds of chili powder/seasonings. I settled on the Cajun Chili because it smelled good to me at that moment.

I didn't have cheddar cheese but did have Mexican mix cheese. So I topped it off with that.

No lettuce or tomatoes in the house so we just did without. We did have corn with a little cream cheese melted into it for our vegetable. We will make up the greens tomorrow.

The entire Bake was eaten by four people so fast I didn't get a picture for you. I would say that this adaption was successful.

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