Thursday, June 3, 2010

Raw Foods

I have been trying to eat more of my foods raw. I am currently struggling with some reactions to food. I still don't know what exactly my body is not liking but I have cut most dairy products and am trying to not eat wheat/gluten.

I will say I really really like my food raw. I seem to actually crave raw foods.

Whole fruit and vegetables are easy.
Nuts and seeds are easy.

My favorite right now is Two Moms in the Raw. I particularly enjoy the Goji Berry granola bar.

Eggs - not so much raw...but I like soft boiled and runny yolks.
Meat - I do tend to like my beef extremely rare. When I was visiting Guam I really loved the raw meat dish Kelaguen. I need to learn what substitutions to use here. Guam has it's own citrus that is similar to lime but much more tart and it's own wild hot pepper.

I loved the Thai Fresh Spring Rolls I had in WA but have not found a good Thai restaurant locally yet. Any suggestions are welcome.

My goal is to eat 70% or more raw. I really feel better and have less hives and rashes. I suppose I should mention that I tend to be pickier buying food that I intend to eat raw. Organic is better and washing is very important.

I will post some of the raw recipes that work later.

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