Saturday, October 23, 2010

This is What Happens When No One is Home

 Home alone again.
 What to can only watch so much NCIS Marathon or McGyver Marathon or even home shows and cooking shows before one goes nuts.

So I decide to clean up before leaving my one little chickie at home for the week.
Alone...on her own...for a week. can only vaccum so laundry...disinfect the bathroom and kitchen...for so long before one says to oneself "What am I? The maid?"

So I decide to make sure the Little Chickie and the Big Kahuna (she won't really be alone all week, Big Kahuna will be home in the middle) have some prep cooking done so they won't starve...well at least so they won't eat fast food so much.

 I started with the bacon. Fried it all up in a pan. About two pounds of nice thick sliced smoked bacon and ends and pieces of the same.

Looks Yummy Right?

Next on the list were the whole mushrooms.

I know my Chickie and the Big Kahuna would leave whole mushrooms to die a slow and withering death. So I sliced the whole lot of them.

Problem is by then I was getting hungry.
Dinner is tough when it's just for one.
What to do? What to do?

Aha! I will make Bea's Famous Scramble!
Hurray for Bea! (my college dorm chickie)

I started with some butter and pressed fresh garlic.
Then in went a few of the sliced mushrooms.

Note that the skillet is the really small one that comes in those sets of three.

Back to check the fridge for - whatever might work.

Found some fresh spinach in perfect washed and spinned condition still in the salad spinner from last week.

No stems please.

Of course I NEEDED to add some of that fresh cooked crisp bacon that I pre-cooked for my chickie and more likely the big kahuna.

Everything is really better with BACON.

Next I scrambled two large eggs with about a tablespoon of water in a cup. Pour into hot skillet.

It needed cheese but all I had was some string cheese. No problem. String the cheese saving just a little for presentation later.

Cook and stir till egg is thoroughly cooked and scramble is done!

Here it is! The finished meal for one.
Oh yeah. Yummy.
I had baked a little Foccacia with Rosemary and Garlic earlier so my Chickie wouldn't starve .
I'm sure she won't miss one little piece.
Note that this is a salad plate.
Portion control met for one!

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  1. I want some. Nice add on the string cheese. :) I love you.