Monday, July 30, 2012

Shepherds Pie with a Twist

 Most people have had Shepherd's Pie. I never cared for it much because of the peas. This version has no peas!

It does have a flavor twist in that it is actually from an Empanada Recipe from Argentina.

So this is a German/Argentine mix.

I learned to make it while in Washington this past year.

 No, I did not forget or run out of cheese. My daughter who is lactose intolerant was visiting for Christmas.

It was gone so fast I almost didn't get a picture of the finished inside product.

The recipe is very much by feel and taste. No amounts of ingredients were given to me. You just make what you have and will fit in the pan you are going to use. Make sure to taste as you season it.

Here are the ingredients.

Sun Dried Tomatoes
Beef Paste (from Costco)
Season Salt
Hard cooked Eggs
Mashed Potatoes
Port or Sherry to cook ground beef (optional)

First brown ground beef in a little port or sherry to kill any bad guys. Drain fat and add a spoonful of beef paste and season salt to taste. Then add olives, raisins, tomatoes and oregano, thyme and garlic. You may use Italian seasoning instead of oregano and thyme. Place mixture in bottom of casserole or rectangle baker. Top with sliced hard cooked eggs. Put mashed potatoes on top. I used Schwan's garlic mashed potatoes. Then top with cheese. Whatever kind you have on hand or prefer. I prefer a sharp cheddar. 
Bake at 350 in oven until bubbly and hot.